“I can eat anything, except that white one.”
Rob Ryan about his ability to eat whole pizzas and $70 worth of candy

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“He’s had a year that was a Come-to-Jesus year for him. He’s had to get in and look at what he could do better and what we could do better with the context of his philosophy, and he’s made adjustments and he’s done the things that great coaches do.”
“Little details come back and hurt you when you’re playing against a Super Bowl champion. That hurt, and then the fact that I think we lost a little bit of confidence in the back end, we weren’t challenging receivers.”

Gotta Love Rob Ryan

When asked about his thoughts on the Denver Broncos’ thus successful no-pass offense, Rob Ryan replied, “It made me, uh, throw up.”

Source: ESPN

If the Dallas Cowboys get to the playoffs this year, Rob Ryan will be the reason. There are injuries on both side of the field, but on one side, we’re holding it together for four quarters. We owe him the game and we will owe him the season, end of story.

After failing to sign Nnamdi Asomugha, the Cowboys have managed to get back on their feet by re-signing Marcus Spears, and bringing in Kenyon Coleman. It’s a smart move, as defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wont be dealing with a new face, he’s worked with Coleman for two years in Cleveland so it should be a smooth transition.