The Weight of the Star

It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated this site, and a lot has happened since then, but… not much has really changed when it comes to our team, huh?

For me, I fell into a familiar rhythm of praying in the final week of the regular season that things would work out and we’d get into the playoffs — only to find myself having to decide what other team I was going to cheer the rest of the way to the Super Bowl.

Many will and have said that it’s unfair to assess the end of this season because of Tony’s injury that kept him out of the final game, but it should’ve never come to that sort of do-or-die situation.

So, I started my annual reflection on the problems of this team and didn’t
come up with anything new: Jerry Jones being GM, questionable play-calling and time management, squandered opportunities.

But then I thought of something new that is sorta counter-intuitive to what we always hear from Cowboys fans and media personalities since they’re all concerned with restoring the star to what it once represented.

It’s the most iconic of icons. The emblem of America’s Team. The logo of the most valuable NFL franchise. The brand at midfield of the most expensive stadium in pro sports.

The problem is the star. The problem is that we buy into an image we don’t deserve. We’re all iconicism and no substance. What would happen if the Cowboys radically rebranded? Thousands of Texans would have heart attacks. Why? “The Cowboy uniforms and the star are too recognizable and iconic to change!” You know who’s never said that? The 49ers. The Patriots. The Broncos. The Seahawks. The Ravens. The Giants. The last six conference champions.

When did we decide we’re too good to do something radical and different? Where’s our 12th man?

I’m not saying marketing, uniforms and fanaticism will fix some very real personnel and salary cap problems, but a change in philosophy from the top down is sorely needed — a change in what this organization is about.

Is it spectacle, or is it winning football games? Is it ticket sales or is it earning respect? Is it the fans or some sort of pretension.

The Cowboys make rookies earn their star. Maybe it’s time the organization as a whole started earning its star.

Linebacker Kyle Bosworth, one of the more surprising cuts by the Giants on Saturday, will get a chance to face his former team on Opening Night after he was claimed off waivers on Sunday by the Dallas Cowboys.

Bosworth, nephew of “The Boz” (Brian Bosworth), excelled on special teams for the Giants over the summer and was in a battle with veteran Aaron Curry for the sixth linebacker spot. In the end, though, the Giants elected to go with only five linebackers on their 53-man roster.


finally found a good use for em :P lol. dallas cowboys fan for life!!!

Be sure to stock up on this for the big game Sunday.

PJ’s Reaction: Week 16 - Saints 34, Cowboys 31

There was a point in this game where it seemed like the Cowboys would handle business.

Did I? (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

There was also a point where all hope was lost. At that point, anyone who has paid attention to this team this year knew what would happen next. Moving with urgency, Tony Romo would orchestrate a comeback because this offense has the tools to put up points when it isn’t thinking too hard. But again, anyone who has paid close attention to this team knew that, once again, this team had allowed itself to fall into a hole that would make the margin for error razor thin and a victory unlikely.

Even after forcing overtime and winning the coin toss to get possession first against a defense that had to be gassed following the relentless comeback at the end of regulation, Dallas couldn’t seal the deal at home – this with Dez Bryant emerging as a reliable beast, posting his first career 200-yard receiving game.

That says a lot about what the 2012 Cowboys are. They’re a pretty good team that can kick it into gear when they’re desperate, but often times they come up short.

Despite everything, it’s win and get in. Beating the Redskins means the 2012 Cowboys will be NFC East champs. How insane is that?

No matter what happens, one thing that we’ve learned this season, however, is that Tony Romo is by no means the problem. In a season in which he surpassed Troy Aikman in TDs thrown as a Cowboy and set the franchise record for passing yardage in a single season, Romo has been the one thing consistently keeping this team in games. Maybe Romo still has another gear we haven’t seen yet that can lead this team of misfits into the playoffs and beyond.

PJ’s Reaction: Week 15 - Cowboys 27, Steelers 24 

Cowboys Stadium was half filled with terrible towels. Many in attendance described it as a bowl game atmosphere and the game certainly had major playoff implications for not just the two competing teams, but for about six other teams as well. Still, neither team seemed to want it.

Shit! (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

When the game dragged into an overtime period, sudden death seemed like nothing more than a foregone conclusion for two teams that have performed just above mediocrity all season. It became more about which teams was going to be the one to make the big mistake than which team would ascend to lay claim to being a playoff contender. But that assessment takes away from the big play that was Brandon Carr’s near-pick 6 at the start of the overtime period. Carr may have made the biggest play of the season when he read a lazy out route and nearly took it to the house, setting up Dan Bailey for yet another game-winning kick.

Other than Carr’s big play, there’s not much more to say about this team right now, as week after week they find themselves in games determined by the thinnest of margins. It’s a three-way tie for first in the NFC East, but there’s nothing to indicate that just as hard as this team has fought to stay in the hunt over the last couple weeks, they could just as easily drop the next two games against New Orleans and Washington.

We’ll only find out what the 2012 Cowboys are about when it’s win or go home.


Yo Steelers…

The position that we are in, that makes me want to be out there… If there was anything less than what we got a chance of, I would have went ahead and got surgery.

If it weren’t for the whole beating his mom thing, I’d say, that’s one classy guy.

PJ’s Reaction: Week 14 - Cowboys 20, Bengals 19 

Very typically of the 2012 Dallas Cowboys, this was a game that could’ve gone either way once it came down to the final drive and the foot of Dan Bailey. A lot will be said of how this team had to perform with heavy hearts after the passing of Jerry Brown and arrest of Josh Brent, but the team played no differently than it has any other game this season.

RIP Jerry Brown. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The offensive line had its breakdowns which forced Tony Romo to improvise on numerous occassions. Miraculously, he finished the game with only one interception (a desperation heave at the end of the first half that probably should’ve been fought for harder by Dwayne Harris) after a few of his throws hit the hands of Bengals defenders (Hi, Terrence Newman). The running game was surprisingly stagnant, with DeMarco Murray only recording 53 yards, which put pressure on the passing game. Only Dez Bryant came up big with a late touchdown to cut into the Cincinnati’s two-score lead.

The defense, which arguably would be playing most with its emotions on its sleeves, did just enough throughout the game to keep victory within reach. After Bryant’s touchdown, they came up with a big stop to give the ball back to the offense only down by 2.

The difference betwen this week and others, maybe, was that when the game was on the line, this team played mistake-free football. There will need to be a lot more of that with the playoff race in the NFC East getting tighter.

PJ’s Reaction: Week 13 - Cowboys 38, Eagles 33 

It seems like each week we’re either reeling from a devastating loss or letting out a slight, unimpressed cough after an unconvincing victory. The Eagles are competing only to avoid the distinction of worst team in the league right now, and possibly to save their coach’s job. A 5-point win at home? How disappointing.

Exciting. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

On a night when Tony Romo surpassed Troy Aikman as the Cowboys’ all-time leader in TD passes, and a night in which he had a flawless second half (10/10, 169 yards and 3 TDs), this game felt less like a triumph and more like a lucky break.

Nick Foles had a 96.6 passer rating against the Dallas defense, and Bryce Brown added 169 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground. Against a fading team that was 3-8, that is unacceptable.

Some things to be optimistic about — DeMarco Murray put up 83 yards and a touchdown in his return to the lineup. The last few weeks have made it very clear how crucial is style of running is to balancing the offense.

Dez Bryant has been on a tear with 29 catches, 475 yards and 6 touchdowns over the last four games. But it hasn’t just been statistical. His big plays against Philadelphia were timely and game-changing. Miles Austin also came up big on his two receptions in the game, one of them being a touchdown.

It’s hard to know where the Cowboys really stand right now until the Giants and Redskins face off tonight, but it’s going to take way more than the struggling performance they put up against the Eagles to make the playoffs… especially with the Bengals, Steelers, Saints and Redskins remaining on the schedule.